Lela Cortesi is a Gio's Project singer, she is a lead voice for two songs "Lucy" and ""Myster" and she is backing vocals for "Bi Winda" and "Sunny"

She ia a singer with experience in live concerts and in recording studio The projects live cover in which is involved in currently are: The Gospel Light Vocal Ensanble, sestetto vocale gospel and jazz origianl arrangement by Sabrina Olivieri. The Gospel Light Vocal Ensanble collaborated with many important artists  such as:Ronnie Jones, Joyce Yuille, Lisa Hunt.

The Red Velvet Swing: they play music dedicated to the New York city composed by Pietro La Pietra guitarist, Daniele Sala bassist and Stefano Galli drummer.

Vinicola Juta cover band - Tea For Two duo acustico chitarra e voce con Pier Panzeri

Shangai Band resident band dello Shangai cafè di Milano

Record Company Band cover acoustic band with Giorgio Torti guitarist, Daniele Sala Doublebassist, Lucio Pozzoli drummer.

Rock band NAGA

She sing in many recording studios and she work with important artist such as:Stefano Bagnoli, Ellade Bandini, Maxx Furian, Alex Battini, Emilio Soana, Luciano Zadro, Giancarlo Porro, Marco Mistrangelo, sabrina Olivieri

Since march 2014 she works as a backing vocalist in television program "Crozza Nel Paese Delle Meraviglie" wit the Silvano Balfiore orchestra. 


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