Flaviao Braga is a Gio's Project accordionist, he play in "Lucy" vocal & instrumental version and "Myster"

He's accordionist with more talent, he play from traditional to contemporary music.

  • In his carrier he played with important international and italian artists such as:
  • Gianola Livio
  • Marco Detto
  • Stefano Bagnoli
  • Marco Ricci
  • Giovanni Giorgi
  • Max De Aloe
  • Francesco D'auria
  • Giuseppe Canone
  • Flaviano Minardo
  • Stefano Bassi
  • Riccardo Tammaccaro
  • Marco Porcu
  • Caludi Taddei
  • Antonio Canales
  • Oscar de Los Reyes
  • Eugenio Finardi
  • He played also in many Italian  and international fastivals in:
  • Svizzera - Francia
  • Spagna - Germania
  • Repiubblica Ceca
  • and he played to Japanese tour in many important theatres and festivals:
  • Tokio Bunka Kaikan
  • Kobe Kokusai Kaikan
  • Royal Festival Hall Osaka

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