Angie Brown is a Gio's Project composer and singer, she's lead voice, backing vocals and vocals arrangements for

"Crazy Joe's", "Can I say anything", "Don't ask" ,"Raining blessing" and "Sunny"

She's a lead voice and composer , vocal and choirs arrangement, she has collaborated with various characters of the Italian and International musical scene,

and had numerous professional experiences both in recording studio and television and live among which:

  • Mariah Carey "Rainbow Tour 2000",
  • Michael Bolton ,
  • Sting
  • Zucchero
  • Laura Pausini Tour 2004
  • Paolo Belli
  • Ron
  • Amii Stewart
  • Eugenio Finardi,
  • Franco Oppini e Sergio Vastano ,
  • Teo Teocoli e Massimo Lopez (to "Scherzi a parte").

For one year she has sing with the group of Umberto Smaila to “Buona Domenica” on Canale 5 and she's frequent guest to Smaila's di Sharm el Sheik in Egitto.

She has participated for two years as singer in the program "Mai Dire Gol" on Canale 5 Various tour, show-case, video clips, events and TV programs with e artists

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